Housekeepers Ode

Oh condo, prostitute of the rental world,

Nobody loves you

They just use you for the night, the weekend,

Then return to their true loves, their homes.

I come and clean you for the next John.

I freshen your stale air and polish your generic furniture,

But it doesn’t make you special.

My next unit looks just like you.

I clean your floors and fireplace on my knees

Like you deserve it.

I sanitize your toilets,

Where I learn too much about your last client.

I stand on tippy-toes in your shower

To reach and wash away, the gravity defying pubes.

I make all of your chrome shiny.

I pity myself in your mirrors

When I see myself doing what I do,

When I see what I am

But at least you are ready to be used again.

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10 Responses Oct 10, 2007

You made me chuckle. "A dirty job, but someone has to do it." And don't you know some of us have phobias about staying in a motel? Motorhomes or beachhomes are the answer to that dilemma, if we can afford to fill er up, to get there. I can't see the sense in buying time shares, my son's family gets sick every time they go there. You may be a cleaning machine, and the room shines but those invisible germs can linger there.

I just made a mess cleaning out cupboards, just so I could install shelf liners.Then I got to go shopping and found some deals at a thrift shop that was really feeding the poor. I didn't want to hurt their feelings, I told them I had a long list of honey do projects, and declined their kind invitation.
I think they might have misunderstood when Jesus told his apostles "Feed my Sheep"
Martha had a little squabble with Jesus concerning her sister Mary, for wanting to listen to his teaching. "She has chosen the better portion, and I will not take that away from her. And as for the food you're preparing, you're going to too much trouble. One or two things would have been sufficient, keep it simple then you would have time to listen."

Beautiful and true to life.

Good job!

This is excellent! too bad the OP deleted.

youve got the gift of empathy or is it just expressing your own life. either way your poem is great.

You really caught it all.......Wonderful!!

absolutely beautiful! Brilliant write. ....:)


I worked in housekeeping when I was young and I have stayed in that condo, Thankyou for reaching to clean away that hair, and caring enough to do a good job. I hope the next person will see THAT, IN that spotless streakless mirror and be thankful. And leave a room tip, geez, I think everyone should have to wait tables and clean rooms just for a while, kind of like mandatory military service, It could be mandatory service service!

wow, very well written and true ~smiles~ i like, it's sad and deep and just another part of reality...