I am so annoyed by everything you do.

I am driven into frenzy by the crazy caused by you.

I can't slow it down, you only speed it up.

Painlossdespair overflow my cup.

It used to sit half empty on the table,but now lays broken on the floor.

No escape in sight, you've secured all the windows and the door.

Finally you've left me with nothing

But to wallow in my nothing.

Careful not to destroy your facade

and ruin the purpose of my barricade.

But everyday wiser and stronger than I pretend

I can be the only one to give the story its end.

restless101 restless101
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Thanks fungirlmmm and restless101. What a diffficult subject to think about. I wrote a story on EP about boundaries. How I put them there for a reason, how they sometimes shift on me, and my continuing surprise that when they come tumbling down I am still ok.<br />
<br />
But, reading what you two have written here, I am made to think. I know they are boundaries I put up, and I did so for a reason - to protect myself from things that happened when I had no boudaries. And, also, to protect myself from someone ever again building walls around me - to wall me in and keep my old life out - when I did not see them erecting such big and tall and insurmountable walls that held me in and kept me down - unti things changed and I could look back on them from a more calm and removed perspective.

this was written awhile back in my life, but yeah i was stuck behind a wall that i somehow unknowingly let someone build around me. i was just too trusting and didn't see the walls going up until it was too late and i was cut off from the world i knew. now i have a constant wall up but at least its there of my own choosing. i don't know how i would handle someone bombing this one and forcing their way in. that is a tough one. i have faith you'll know what to do when the time comes to do it! thank you for your comment and i wish you tons of luck!

Wow this is a powerful piece. Do you feel you are stuck behind the wall you have built. I am dealing with that and actually writing a monologue about it for another site but I am stuck because I let a person inside the walls. I am not certain I let him in as much as he just bombed and forced his way in there. I feel like my fortress was penetrated.