My heart aches but can't escape

this pain within my chest

my life hurts, there's no escape

I've given it my best

they'll never know

or even care

whether I am here or there

it's all the same

I'm just as lame

as they think I am anyway.

Don't like what I see

the image staring back at me

that phony girl

she looks so real

but damn if looks could kill

she'd be my best friend by now

but no, she keeps me here

selfish fear

constant tears

cut me dear

somebody get me out of here!

I can't escape....

Lifestorm Lifestorm
26-30, F
4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

i totally know how this feels....

Yeah but in the end we, so far, have come out the other side. It takes guts and determination to push on day after day. No...it's not a good place to be.

thank you. it means a lot to me that it touched someone else too... I am usually in the depths of despair before I can write so it really does mean alot that somebody can relate....on the other hand... I am really sorry for you that you can relate...not a good place to be for sure.

Thats a stirring emotional poem. I understand and have been in a similar place in my life. Hugs to you for keeping on going. I hope that one day that you will find your escape. Wow. It touched me.