Forgotten Fighter

Once upon a time,
I lived in your fairy tale.
I was wrapped up in your love.
I had forgotten myself.
I had forgotten that I don't live with princes.
It was a unbelieveable wish.
I felt your lips on mine, only in my dreams.
You loved me, you said.
You promised you'd never leave.
I should have known better.

I asked too much for a dream.
Like a dream, you floated away.
Talked about life above and beyond me.
You said, fate dragged us away.
We didn't belong together.
And your lies, they all stayed here.
There is life here, but it is a mere ghost of who I was.
You never meant to stay and now, I am lost.
I am alone.

You still have me.
A princess lost inside a dungeon.
No rescuerer in sight.
You have flown far away, I see that.
You wrapped me up to become helpless.
Perhaps fate wants me to be alone.
Life will never be a fairy tale.

I have grown up since you.
Learned to fight against the grain.
Though I still miss you,
You may no longer have me.
May I never see your face again.
May you not haunt me.
And all your lies, will burn like the fire,
in my soul.
I will not listen to sweet words.
I will not be captive to the love I felt.
May I learn to become the fighter that I know I am.
I am the fighter.

twilighthearts11 twilighthearts11
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2010