Hold Me Tight.

Hold me tight,
Your arms are my defence against this world.
Cradle me,
I want to feel your heartbeat.

In a world where kindness is rare,
I need to be held.
By you.

Only in your arms am I safe
From the dangers of the world
I am safe and loved.
Only with you.

Protect me....
So please won't you hold me?
FitnessFreakTash FitnessFreakTash
18-21, F
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Thank you to everyone who's commented...really makes me happy to see so many positive comments ! x

your expressions are soft and tender...and I like those with soft heart :-)

I like it very much, big ups and respect.

Beautiful. <3 It feels safe and warm.

Hold me tight, in a world of night
Let your arms be my might
Let them save me from fright

I yearn to lay my ear upon your Chest
To hear your heat beat with power with zest

To be encompassed by your warm embrace
To know your love surrounds me with grace

For i long to have a haven deep within your love
To fill my heart with joy and send it souring above

So be by strength, my refuge, and my guide
To make my foundation secure and my heart alive.
For without your loving arms, how will i survive?

Hows that?

beautiful :D made me shiver x

I guess this is about the love of a significant other, but makes me think of a mothers love for a child from the perspective of the child.. Then again im just a dumb truck driver... :-)

me too

Well it is from the perspective of a child, you got that right. It is not about a significant other, I am a guy and i am not gay.

It's about a Loving Father, One who is the source of Grace.

ah nice ..mr. adstars....twinkle twinkle little star :_)

Was really beautiful

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I hope you don't take offense to this just wasn't my thing the flow was kinda stop and go to me

That's fine - I'm an emotional person so flow doesn't really happen with me. Thanks for the feedback x

Yeah! she still likes me!