Tree Of Emotions.

Sat neath the branches of age.
Under the canopy of wisdom itself.
Sheltered from the searing heat of hell
Protected from all ungodly evil.

Energy flowing through me like the wind cascading through the ruins
Fire raging and decaying the land near me.
I can hear broken screams through the leaves.

Knowing I am safe from all harm.
FitnessFreakTash FitnessFreakTash
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 21, 2012

sometime pain makes me feel more alive its like a rush that wants to keep. its a force of nature that can move us from point A to point B. If you living your life this way its because you want to marry Xmas

Little dark, but thanks for sharing. Is there something that it mirrors or has meaning in your life?

Yes it correlates to the darker side of life I have experienced.
The tree symbology is my outer ego.
The person inside the tree is my inner self.

In other words through the pain i feel I protect msyself

Well knowing that... Good job :-) oh and before I forget Merry Christmas

Aww thank you :) I promise I'm not all doom and gloom!!! xx take a peek at my latest offering 'kiss' it's a nice one I promise xx Thank you very much and Merry christmas to you too! x

Ahead of you... Already read it :-) and it should not be all doom and gloom.. You are way too young and beautiful to have that much bad karma built up in your life

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