Just Stop Already!!!!!!

Unless you talk to me in any sort of way, I WILL NOT be adding you. I am tired of being a number to people.
TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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Doesn't anybody talk to or with you? I don't understand why they wouldn't - you seem like a good person to me.


I see..<br />
<br />
Looks like you're a straight up badasss Mr. Goldy and your family history proves it heehee XD<br />
<br />
I get my temper from my dad..he has a short fuse..but I'm worst lol :D

I'm Australian and my family origins are convicts semt to Tasmania

heehee why do you say that Mr. Goldy?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA jeez I'm the criminal then, desended from convicts =P

heehee it's the Mexican in me..we are known for being feisty muhahah lmao..

HAHAHAHAHA I am the calm one of this family I see =P

I do..A LOT lol

HAHAHAHAHAHA I don't get angry =P

Ahhhhhhhhh Mr. Goldy Locks is angry :D

OMG keep that up and I might reconsider Button **giggles** JOKES!!!!!!!!!

phew! I made the cut..that was a close one! Thanks Mr. Goldy Locks *giggles*

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I kept you too Sweetpea, I have already done my deleting =D

OMG I agree with TrprBadass! I don't want to be deleted!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh lol I'd be brother-less hahhaa

HAHAHAHAHHAHA I don't think I'll be deleting you any time soon Old Man =P

LOL I figured I'd better say something quick before I end up on the deleted list! I'm not on often but I swear I'll try to talk when I am. I don't blame you, there are several who added me and no matter how many times I drop a note they never say a word.. I have no idea why they added me. Giggles and I are happy you are part of our family.<br />
Btw, Miss Fungirl, "giggles and her man" are happy you are in our family too :)

I'm just deleting those now if I haven't seen them before....


I know how you feel. I prefer quality over quantity any day!

Its not that FG, its the fact that I have these "friends" that won't ever talk to me, I am added and ignored. I try to make an effort, but I am just sick of feeling like a number to people.....

YW. I talk to a lot of people here, we both know that. Of course I have my favs like you, the Tooper and his lady or should I say the giggles and her man (lol), and those that know I love but won't mention in stories. I just do not like to draw attention to others that may not welcome it lol.

Thanks FG **hugs**

:) ((hugs))