If you are only adding me, because of a sexual story I wrote once upon a time, or even more, when you have NOTHING on your account! And don't think by just saying "Hi" to me, I am going to want to add you, I'm not going to want to, and I won't!

Also, I hate people who add me, and never TALK TO ME! What's the effing point of even being frineds?????????????/
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You are so right. Please, forgive me for violating your privacy by asking for friendship or fanning you, (as you say), which I do not even remember what it was. In all honesty I have felt a little pressured in not having gotten any friends yet and was trying to make use of all this site provides. When you asked why I added or fanned you I went to your page and decided that it had to do with all of the beautiful graphics, as I am an artist, and love visuals, as well. I presumed upon your friendship and am sorry I did not take more time. Don't worry about blocking me, I already have. Sincerely. Have a great day.

I now know, where i have gone wrong when i read your contribution!! :-) <br />
Thank you!, for sharing hun!!!! :-)

I understand COMPETLY Sis