Have We Grown Up?

The other day I was working at an Elementary school and I overheard a conversation between two students where one student was questioning why the other student had his name tag on his back. The student with the name tag on his back told the other student he had the name tag on his back because, "the cool kids all did it." I laughed when I heard that and thought how silly kids are. Then the other day I heard that most people don't vote for a politician because of the policies the candidate supports, but because they want to fit in with a group. That got me thinking about how many people are just like that silly kid with his name tag on his back, with no clue why he put it there. How many of us support certain beliefs or activities because, "the cool kids all did" and not because we have truly thought about it and believe it? Don't do anything just to fit in, or you may find yourself walking right off a cliff with the masses.
LoveToArgue LoveToArgue
31-35, M
Sep 18, 2012