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I am a 27 year old man with a good job, many close friends, close family ties, no history of sexual abuse, and an active social life... I'm also relatively attractive and personable.   From the outside, i would appear to be completely normal, but i am not...

For as long as i can remember i have had thoughts of being treated like a baby and diapered, but even when i was young, i knew it was not an acceptable social norm.  For that reason I have never revealed my secret to anyone, not even my twin brother.  I felt that somehow it made me less of a man, that i was a complete deviant.  I mean, how do you possibly explain something like that to friends and family when even you think it's crazy?  My only hope during puberty was that this was only a phase, some sort of teenage regression, but as time went on, i realized this was something deep-seeded in my psyche.  I had two choices: denial or acceptance.  I  chose the latter.

Although i no longer question why i am ab/dl, I can understand why many people would.  Some would hastely group us with pedophiles and sexual deviants rather than try to understand.  Most only see the Jerry springer side and believe all AB/DL's are trashy midgets hungry for attention.  I often see parallels between the prejudices to those of homophobic people; incapable of putting themselves in another person's shoes. 

I did not ask to be this way, but now I can finally embrace my AB/DL side knowing there are others out there just like myself.  People who don't let their fettishes consume them and in most cases live fully normal and productive lives.

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@ kyzrsosay - Like you, I found myself thinking (at a much younger age -> ~5-6 yrs) that the thoughts and feelings I associated with diapers would fade as I grew into a teenager and an adult, but when I was a teenager, the whole diaper scene merged with my budding sexuality, and plastic pants became my #1 play partner. Still, even then, I thought, "when I get older, this won't matter any more". NOT. It seemed to matter even more as I got older, now fully merged with my personality. Yes, I was hoping it would go away (in some ways), because I hoped to find love, and I didn't see how that would ever happen with a diaper between us. Anyway, it did happen, and now I've been married for decades, and although I can't say it's been perfect, it's ok. I lead a fairly active life, and now don't give the actual diapers that much of a thought, though I wear often. I just accept that they're part of my clothing options, just like wearing a different pair of shorts or a t-shirt with some special logo. It's not something I wear for others; I wear for myself, and am totally at peace with it.

I think we just have to accept that we're a BIT different, and not be too concerned with what society or social mores tell us about adults in diapers. It's just a "kick", if you will, and no one's business but our own.

In diaper's forever (whenever possible...)! And, yes, I do wish people understood it better so they didn't make a big deal when they find out someone wears by choice rather than necessity. We've all got our own little quirks, and overall, this isn't such a bad one...

Thanks for your comment feebeeby2009, but an online mummy isn't quite what I'm looking for... I'm hoping to, if nothing else, help others like myself realize that they are not alone, they are not freaks, and they should not feel ashamed. Maybe I'm also just looking for somebody, ANYBODY, who doesn't judge me for something even I can't understand... I believe judged myself more than any other person possibly could.

There is alot of abdl's in the Uk and america and Austrailia you are Normal it is ok if you want someone to mummy you online I here

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My names Annabelle, and I am doing a short documentary for univeristy about adult babys in the UK. I am speaking to several people around the UK, about there experiences and feelings being an AB. If you are UK based I would very much like to talk to you as one of the main points I have been trying to get across (that many AB's live completely normal lives and the fetish is just part of it) is exactly the story you have just told. I think its important to start talking about fetish repression, and why in particular the Adult baby fetish is so misunderstood. <br />
message me back if your interested in taking part, <br />
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