Mr. Missunderstood

So few  understand me, even my own family and there lies a familiar nightmare where you try to explain what it is like living on the outside, watching the party of the world occur inside!! They verbally pat your head and offer the same old words of comfort, never seeming to understand the living nightmare which is mine to cherish. I have people on EP I can talk to from Australia to Utah but we can't hang out, we can't even go to the ice cream parlor without it turning into a Bay of Pigs fiasco. Then ask yourself why I spend a lifetime reaching out to the forgotten and the forsaken, because they get it. They understand the misery of it and yes they may have a variety of problems but then again so do I. We are peas in a pod, they suffer and so do I the burden of a world that can't define us and therefore can't seem to accept us in our most pure, raw form.

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2 Responses Aug 1, 2010

I do not know your nightmares; I have my own that haunt me both at night and in the daytime. I came to the conclusion some time ago they desire to destroy me, so like the warrior I am I embrace them to give me the best they have, because I will fight the fight and they will not conquer me.

I may not always understand people but I always try to accept them.