Every Morning...

..i am sitting in front of my pc having a look if any girl wants to watch..its kind of a daily routine. The best thing is to have a nice chat with a polite and a bit demanding women while i poo myself. Have done that several times, although i prefer it real..had some nice experiences but at the moment without a girlfriend, so i do it in front of the cam and sometimes, when i notice that my campartner gets horny i get horny too and **** with my poo..its a mess each time but i love it because its so dirty. the feeling of the urge to poo and hold it back as long as possible is so horny..had an a apointment with a trans. here in my region who wanted to **** and pee on me but i missed it and she moved away. would have been the first time not to do oit with a girl but i would have liked to know how it feels like..anyway..if you want to watch send me a text...men dont bother ;-)
scatlover1969 scatlover1969
36-40, M
May 11, 2012