Peeing & Pooping Upside Down

Well with the Olympics coming soon to the UK, we were thinking of being a bit sporty and energetic, this what i am about to tell you what we did together and alone.
Really it all started watching some gymnastics on TV and I thought of something new to try out, so i tried this out myself then told Mel my wife then we both did it again.
I was waring my speedo's and jogging pants with a T shirt and I was deperate to go for both and was in a good mood for a messy session so i did a handstand against the wall and just let go a stream of hot **** down my speedo's and pants it reached through my T shirt and came out around my neck, it felt great and horny then I decided to give a litle push and new it was going to be a hard one, so I pushed a little harder and wow up popped the periscope just like on the submarine and as it finished it was sticking upright, so i then came off the wall and sat down on the floor squashing my load around my butt cheeks it felt absolutely amazing, the feeling was out of this world, so when Mel came back home I told her what i did and she was very excited and said I want to try that as well, so a couple of days later we both did the handstand and had a wonderful session doing it together, so if you all feel energetic and a bit sporty don your sports kit and give it a go, then all come back and tell us your comments, infact after writting this story I am going to do it again its fun and horny.
and Mel
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

that site doesn't work, it links to another page and all sorts of odd things happen x

that really sounds great
wish i could join you


hehe i will have to try this

hehe tried it yesterday was soo much fun!