Not Being Good Enough...yet

To be smarter, funnier, happier, sexier, more charming, more charismatic, more social and so on are few personality traits I believe a have to improve in order to fill my life with more and meaningful relationships, both friendship and romantic ones. And maybe that kind of thinking is the obstacle, the manifestation of the limiting belief 'I´m not good enough...yet,' that hinder me from having all that. Not worthy enough, not eligiable, not social competent enough, not just yet. Even though I see and hear people being surround be relationship, when I walk downtown, it just like that is another parallel world that I have access to, now and then, but as much as I would want to.

Luckily I have my family, a lovely family, I very thankful for having them, without them I would be nothing, with almost nobody in this world much less life experience. They don´t know how feel/ have felt, even though I´m feel very good now, positive, joke around with them, and see life side from the bright side. I want some emotional rollercoaster experience, and not feel almost most of the week is the same routine. Im responsible for my own situation right now, and its my own resposibility to make things happen, I do not have a really clear strategy for it though, so it have been frustrating, its nothing you get taught in, its just natural and blablalblallblaa...yeah I was that social au naturale, I didnt need to think how to get friends, date, and maintain relationship.

I just want to be without thinking toomuch, but I know something is lacking in me as person, I just want to growth, and it is so many thing to improve at once. I just want love and connect by being me, the best me...the only me.
GabrielEU GabrielEU
Nov 23, 2012