How I Want Some Of That

Such a Goddess Pixelita is in her pictures and video being sexy and attractive.

To make sweet love to her feeling her soft body and kissing those delicious lips, wanting to fulfill her desires of having a hard **** inside, pounding on her.

Feeling my hard member in her hand as she guides me between those legs into her most exclusive area filling her up, making her shake and shiver with delight, rocking my hips pushing myself deep into her body as she feels me invade her in such an sensual, primal way. Increasing the force as I push on her and hearing our skin slap together as the tempo increases. She pushes against the head board to hold herself, gripping her hips I pull her tight back to me again and again. Going until I explode inside of her and she all over me.

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13 Responses Jul 15, 2010

LOL Bfly I don't mind them at all, both are wonderful women....

*giggles at bfly* ;-)

Thank you Bobbie.....

Just a lovely story and write so well

Now that would be tasty to have a Pixie treat....... *licks lips*

hehehe!!!!! ;-) You two could make me a Pixie sandwich!

MMMMM Sara and Pix taking a shower together, thinking that maybe the three of us need to take a bath instead.... Hehehehehe..... *wink*

Oh Pixie... I think you and I need to take a shower together... you know, just to... ummm... just to... ummm.. cool off... yeah, that's the ticket.... to cool off together!

LOL!!!! Pix fans Sara....

Damn... even I found that almost too hot to handle..... whew!

*blushes at Ironman* ;-)

;-)))) Hehehehe.... *wink*

Goodness Gracious!!!!! Pix fans herself :-) Great story mt!!