You Know....

You don't need all that male equipage to pound a lovely lady like Pixie to delerious distraction.... you just need to get her down on the bed, kiss and hug and feel and rub and smooch and get those silly cothes out of the way.. then wrap your arms around her and get your legs scissored nicely and position your thigh against her most delectible mound... and soon you will both be moaning and groaning and pounding and humping and OOOOHhhhing and AAAAHHHHhhhing and then ultimately....  Screaming!

Why it is called Dry Humping is beyond me... it is anything but!  heh heh heh
SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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wink wink yourself!<br />
<br />
I'm looking at schedules right now!

Know the feeling Kry.... If Sara would get out here so we can get the 69 underway....<br />

OK! 69 with me it IS!<br />
<br />

Omyyyyyyyyy Goodness.... Ahem.... Stunning visual..... Bravo on your writing skills SG!<br />

All this attention is making me one HOT Pixie!!!! ;-) hehehe!!!

She can just be on top of me or be in a 69 with you... Won't stop what I'm going to do.... Hehehehe....<br />
<br />

Yeah... and she should be moaning by that time too. So... I guess you want her on one of her sides.... you know, for ummmm... access....

Oh the wetter the better, makes nipples harder..... Hehehehe....

Hmmmm.... I'll have gotten the boobies on my way down... hope you don't mind if I leave them a bit... ummm... wet....

**** dive away Sara, I got the back side, easier to hold her boobies and nibble on her neck....<br />
<br />

Well, hey... you get the back door in that case!!!! I'm doing the **** diving!!!!<br />
<br />

Oh my! Getting DP'd by a guy and a girl, now that's different! :-)

Pix might be wanting a DP by that time Sara... To fulfill Pixie's fantasy is very much on the "to do" list..<br />
<br />
*wink* ;-)))))

Oh, HO! One of your fantasies come true, eh Pix? Getting off to a man getting himself off.... well, I guess I can live with it... if I get YOU in the bargain!

Hmmmm....well I do love to watch *wink* Let's let him stroke himself as he watches us!!!! Ummmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG what a story!!!!!!!!!! :-) Whew!!! Yes Sara, I think it's ok for him to watch *wink* hehehe!!!

where is this going on i'll bring my 12 pack and a chair!!!lol!!!

He wants to join in too.... how far should we let him go????

OMG what a story!!!!!!!!!! :-) Whew!!! Yes Sara, I think it's ok for him to watch *wink* hehehe!!!

Well, with Pixie, Knowing your special relationship, I would say yes.... but I totally defer to Her!

Would you let me join in??? I'm sure Pixie would not ob<x>ject.....

sigh<br />
<br />
Soooo typically male.... always wanting to watch....<br />
<br />
Well, if Pixie says it's ok.... sure!

It doesn't sound anything like dry humping...... Sara may I be invited to watch that going on? <br />
<br />
<br />
Promise that I will keep my man stuff out of the picture.... Hehehehehe....

Thanks Josie! Mwah!

Two nymphets, two goddesses giving us lesser mortals a lesson in love.<br />
<br />
Love is good, everyone should have their fill and their hearts desire.<br />
<br />
(((((Hugs)))))(((((Kisses))))) For both of you lovely Ladies.