I have facial paralysis and therefore I am not able to smile and it just bothers me way too much. Now, there is this thing called "Smile Surgery". Basically, it's some sort of muscle transplantation - they take a muscle from the upper thigh and transplant it into the face. Anyway, I've been struggling whether or not to get this surgery for like 3 years and I actually had an appointment and was all set to go last year in March but the clinic called it off because the doctor wasn't available. I had another one but I totally panicked and backed out but now I am definitely sure I want to go and just get it over and done with. The thing is, I'm still going to school and I have important exams coming up at the end of the year but all my teachers said it shouldn't be a problem for me and if everything goes completely and utterly wrong I could still stay on for another year and take my exams again next year.
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

What surgery did you have before that caused the facial paralysis?

good luck. I know tha tone day I want a tummy tuck and loose skin and fat removed from my legs, and bra area, etc.

maybe finish school and then save for the surgery.