Home Alone And Let It Rip

The art of primal Scream Therapy.basically here it is :   Stand up.  This frees and opens the diaphragm.  Open your mouth and scream as loud as you can. Think about releasing pent up anger, frustration and feelings of resentment. You can do this any old place you want. Remember, the neighbors may believe you're getting murdered..choose your location carefully.  I recommend at least 3 blood curdling screams.  OK,  take a breath. Feeling it all over?  Now do it again. Here's a thought.  Beat the crap out of an object. Pillows or squash something. You'll figure it out. I saw this on TV and I'm not kidding, everyone was enjoying the whole exercise.      Who's to say...I thought it looked fun. AW!    OOps ..too much?

wiseowl wiseowl
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4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

i want to try it too.The car may work .The Apartment is no good. I can just imagine what the neighbors would think. They might think I'm a jumper if I went on the upper balcony..This is harder to plan then a bank heist..crap!

I have never tried this, I will give it a shot, maybe now!

.The emotions do come out and it's exhausting.

Ah shucks Wiseowl...my secret is out...I used to do this all the time on highways...just roll up the window and drive...screaming as much as I wanted. :)