I'm Crazy!!

I've done a good amount of reading on psychoanalysis and healing techniques for people with mental health issues.  I've just not gotten to experience it for myself.  I'd like to be able to meet with someone who deals with people'e thought processes and has run across my type before.  I know many people have negative experiences with psychotherapy, say it doesn't work, etc.  I'd like to find out for myself.  With my bipolar condition, history of drug and alcohol abuse, trauma, etc, I think I could use it! 

Problem is I don't have health insurance but I make enough money to where I wouldn't qualify for any social services...Ahhh life in the great old USA...where bombs are more important than people...I could just breathe in the freedom all day long...I hate that we live in the wealthiest society in the world and tens of millions of people live without health coverage of any kind, including many children and people with problems much greater than my own.  Well, I'm done with this for now but, yeah, I think I could use a shrink!

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Thanks UandA...I agree with you. Funny enough I've just started going to psychotherapy again and it's been the first time I've ever felt comfortable and feel I'm gonna make progress. It certainly helps that they've finally got me on some meds that work haha.

I don't think psychotherapy is as bad as you may think.<br />
Its just a very hard form of therapy to take a grip on. All you have to do is stick with it and have patience that in time everything will work itself out and make you a more wholesome and healed person.

I was thinking of trying hypnotherapy. Since I've tried so many other things I've figured I'd give it a shot.

Thanks Tumblin'! I've heard a lot of bad things about therapy and the only therapist I ever saw sucked. He was a grief counselor after my brother died and he did nothing for me. But I do believe there are some good therapists out there and different techniques. I just have habitual thought patterns that are unhealthy and unrealistic. I know that I am a worthwhile person with a lot to offer but I subconsciously hate myself and think everyone else hates me. Which is non-sensical and untrue. Thinking that way basically makes me a crazy person. I just wish to have better thought patterns and I'll try anything to bring that about.

I'm sorry you're going through this. I've been through therapy and this site is one hundred times better in my opinion. I know you want to experience it for yourself and I'm sorry you don't have health coverage. I don't have health coverage either. I wish we could get a politician elected that would make health coverage a priority.