ptman stole my panties and won't give them back!  HELP!
SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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I'm afraid to ask if the pervs get charged more for certain panties than for others.....

it's my sisde job Pix, a little extra on the side. <br />
<br />

LOL!!!!!!!!!! I bet he makes them pay admission to gawk and sniff!

Quite a fantasy there Josie, although knowing ptman, it would be sniffing rights that the special guests would get....

I can see it now:<br />
<br />
As we walk into PTMan's special study there gracing the walls in places of honor are fr<x>amed editions of the most desirable woman's panties. A priceless collection that is cared for and on special occasions certain invited guests are allowed to view the collection. <br />
<br />
Much like a famous art museum would do with paintings. Like a priceless Da Vinci or Rembrandt. And PTMan is the connoisseur.

I know you do! You got mine while they were still warm from my ... um.... body.

ladies, you know better then that, i do not steal panties. i go directly to the source. it is so much better there. lol

Damn! What does he DO with all of them...... join the group Em... we need to present a united front to get our undies back from this thief!!!!!

(_l_).... Panty theif took mine, too! :O Waaaaaaaahhhhhh

Yeah, but I didn't GIVE them to him... he STOLE them from me... and apparently from Pixie and TW2 also!!!!!

OMG! This is fricking hilarious!<br />
<br />
What's the rukus? I give my panties to PTMAN all the time! biggie....<br />
<br />
Hehe....; )

Collector's Item? Must be truly valuable.

AH HA!!! TW2 you are right!!! It all makes sense now..... hehehe!!!!

I've been missing a few pair and thought I just misplaced them... HA! Now we know what's happened to them!

ok i havent been this amused all year

He is too!<br />
<br />

ok fine she gave them to you but now wants to take them back aww man now im hyper just for fun im going to make that sign and stand in the window

very shifty Pix, lol

YEAH...shifty eyed pantie thief... HE SHOULD have to stand in a window... maybe dressed in one of my baby dolls.... LOL!

it's not totally true that i stael panties, when she takes them off and hands them to me. now is it? hmmm

fine PTMAN GIVE HER BACK HER PANTIES or i will put you in front of the big window where all of the cars can see holding a sign saying i steal panties

I knew he was a thief... he's had his eyes on those panties for a while...<br />
Shifty eyes Ptman has... shifty I say!

UGH! Who wants boy boxers? I want my panties back!

now PTMAN if you got her panties give her your underware fair is fair share

He;s busy sniffing them! Hey... give them back!

Why don't you share them. Swop daily? Hehe

HELP!!! THIEF!!!! <br />
<br />
(I'd run after you but I'm in a fairly short skirt and not panties now!

did not, you handed them to me, just when you were writing thw story about Pix not showering. lol

You stole them!

stop telling people i stole them, you took them off and handed them to me. if i recall you asked me for the thoughts on the fragrance. and i responded by telling you that they smelled purtty. <br />
<br />
remember, you memeber. lol