In My Defense

I am being accused of stealing panties by four very beautiful women of EP land.

I must say it is true, BUT

In my defense, this ladies are part of my harem.

And last week we had an **** party in my tent.

All that I am guilty of is picking up panties because they were just laying around all over the place.

So I ask, does that make me a panty thief?

I ask my EP freinds, i am not guity of theft.

I rest my case.

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54 Responses Aug 9, 2010

your are definately up to par sweet sole. mmm i love them.

Ok! You can have them.....better "check" them first....make sure they are up to par!<br />
<br />

yes baby, with that wonderful scent of yours. mmm :),I got hot pink lace ones on right you want them??

<br />


that's a great idea.<br />
<br />
i can see it now. <br />
<br />
SCENT OF WOMAN mmm<br />
By PTman <br />
<br />
I like the sound of that, so ladies send them all to me. lol

Sure why not, could have the infomercials going on late at night just before the girls gone wild show!!!!! LOL!!!

Sara, yes you did give it that wonderful; scent, just before you handed them to me and said. enjoy PT. and believe me i am. :)

MT, i could become the next millionare. the scent of women i will call it. mmm lol

Sole, mmmm your panties keep me ******* back for more and more of that wonderful scent. and yes i must admit that i do use them for better pleasures then car antennas.. i'm such a perv. heheh.

I admit I gave the PANTIES my scent... but I didn't give the Panties to YOU!

Ohhh scent of soleibaby in a car air-freshener? Hey PT think that you may have stumbled on something here.... Could be having Sara's and Soleibaby's scents for sale, think that they would sell faster than the "new car" smell!!!!! LOL!!!!!

LOL!...this is all very funny and I'm dying laughing here....BUT...hold on! I give PT my panties all the time! I'm not sure what th fuss is all about....Its fun!,and he gives good feedback about the shape and styles ,colors....I get good panty fashion advice and it makes me smile to know he's at work ,or wherever and is playing with them. I suspect they get used for all kinds of things....a little flag maybe? Or maybe to hang on his anetenne of his car....ummmm.....air freshner....come on PT! What else??<br />
<br />

the fragrance Sara, mmmm YOU GAVE THEM TO ME. heheh

I didn't GIVE you the pair that you are carrying around NOW! I want them BACK -- clean -- and I KNOW that you are a panty THIEF!!!!!

i might have to do that MT, they ususally get in the way when i try to get my car keys out of my pocket. lol

Think that you just need to fr<x>ame Sara's panties and have them on the wall.... LOL!!!!!

i did not steal them Sara, there are some women on here that have given them to me. will you give me another pair of yours? :)

I'm sure she DOESN'T remember.... you STOLE them too!

no, i'm not done with them yet. :) you gave them to me. you whispered in my ear ever so softly. you can have them Ptman they are for your collection. and i responded with a mmm yes. remember?

well that and because we left some on the beach to TEP. :)

very stiff Pix. lol she wants them back. there is no washeteria in my harem. lol

UGH! You know, there are reasons I stopped boffing boys....

Now her panties are stiff! LOL

Whats a little stain Sara??? Hummm???

mmm mmm mmm it was good Sara. lol

GODDAMMIT YOU HAD BETTER NOT HAVE! If I find that my panties now resemble Monica's dress, you are in BIG TROUBLE fella!!!!!

MT i'm positive that they don't want them back. <br />
they want everyone to think that they do. lol<br />
<br />
<br />
Sara, hell yes i did use them for ahem activities. lol and they smell as fresh as the day you gave them to me. lol

Just as long as you haven't used them for any... ahem... personal happiness activities!

They don't really want them back PTMAN, think that they have more fun parading around commando...<br />
<br />
and for Pix and the ziplock bag.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... keeps the smell fresh....

Pix you been sending out panties in ziplocks? lol<br />
<br />
<br />
Sara they have that same beautiful frangrance you left them with.

Listen, I'll come and collect mine, but they had BETTER BE CLEAN!

I know someone who keeps mine in a zplock LOL!!!!!!

that's all you will need, don't bring any panties. just a bikini bottom. and you won't have on for long either. :)

i might have put some up on EP bay also. Sara's i believe. lol<br />
<br />
so wanna go to LUSTVILLE with me? i have heard so many good things about it.

it was in my harem 1forU and what stays behind belongs to the sultan PTman. ever since they stopped bringing gold and jewelry and baring gifts from there famalies i have had to take their panties and sold them at the annual harem garage sale. lol

Pix, this are form this morning, remember the brain *******? lol

Id appreciate it if you'd remove mine from your head please Ptman :-)

i'll see if i still have for ya. lol

let's not get carried away here ladies, if they left them in my harem who becomes sole owner. now i do have a room full of panties before they press anymore charges they can come by and collect them. <br />
<br />
they could still be laying on my bed. hmmmm i will double check.

These 4 women in your harem seem to have no recollection of asking you to keep their panties for them...umm I am thinking you just may be an EP panty thief after all PTMAN :P

yes it is IZA, do i have a pair of yours? :)

Yes i do recal eight, when i tried to steal. no,no not steal pick yous up you didn't have any. lol

another victim.... goodness, I'm afraid Pt's become obsessed... he's got that rare disease PFD (Panty Fixation Disorder)

IZA, you asked me to take care of them for ya. remember? :)

you have every right to be Em, i'm a little confused to. lol

I'm disturbed by any sentence that includes **** eating and panties off!!! :O

i thought that **** eating grin was for what happened after you took your panties off. :)

It was premeditated... he required us to remove our panties before entering the tent that night...looking back now i realize why he had that sh*t eaten grin on his face all night... hehehe!!!!! ;-)

now you make a very good and av ery strong point ServeMistressP, now the panties dod come off on there own. and once under the tent of this sultan well they are now my property. no devious ploys here. .<br />
<br />
that is why i feel wrongly accused of being a panty thief. <br />
<br />
where is that judge tx?

Harem, tidying up and all sound innocent enough...until we look at bit more closely at the "story" behind your defense...<br />
<br />
Did you ever offer to return the panties, PTMan, or did you simply scoop them up and add them immediately to what I understand is a pretty sizable (and growing) panty stash? <br />
<br />
Someone with a devious mind ~rolls eyes skyward and whistles innocently~ might even think this **** was a deliberate ploy to get these lovely ladies out of said panties and leave them so delightfully spent that they wouldn't notice you locking away their lacy underthings for your pleasure before the ladies recovered from theirs...

exactly my feelings MT . thief? really. no way buddy not me. lol

If they are in your harem then no it isn't pantie theft..... They are there just laying around.... Hehehehehe...