The Public Nude

Not everyone would be attractive nude. I am myself losing weight. The environment, weather and sun would be hard on just skin. I have walked arrond outside nude, strangers saw me go to the mail box at the road, nude. Just look down slightly and act normally because everyone is looking at your bare skin. I have done that several time at different places. The problem of public nudity being against the law is that if I go nude at the wrong place then I am exposing myself to underage people. So I vote slim down those wait lines and make it the law.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

Being naked is not about everyone being a fashion model beauty. Being naked is about allowing ALL people of all body sizes and shapes to have the freedom to go about their lives without having to hide their bodies. <br />
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Underage people are not the ones who are offended or bothered by seeing human beings. It is adults who have the psychosexual fear of their own bodies who blame their predilection's on protecting children. No child has ever been harmed by seeing a human being.