Sports Played In A Gym Should Be Played Naked.

The word "Gym" is short for Gymnasium. Here is the etymology of the word gymnasium: Latin, exercise ground, school, from Greek gymnasion, from gymnazein to exercise naked, from gymnos naked.

Basketball, volleyball, weight lifting, and of course gymnastics should all be done naked.
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Lots of sports could easily be played naked. A few, like football and hockey require protective padding, but non-contact sports don't have that constraint.

I think that there is a reasonable case that primarily outdoor sports such as tennis, golf, and track & field should be contested nude as well.


I think that an excellent case can also be made that gymnastics should be done nude because the beauty of the human form is a significant element of the sport. Diving also strikes me as a sport that would be better if contested nude.


What about skiing? Also naked?

Skiing is often too cold to do naked, except in late spring. Warm coats in winter are reasonable.

Here is picture: . Not fiction and not taken only for show. This is from nudist magazine Helios (1957/6), where is four page story about Swedes, who really skied in winter despite weather. Young girls (left) best achievement was skiing 3,5 hours in -8C (about 18F).

I couldnt agree more I was lucky enough to experience this at a private boarding school about 25 years ago now .The cane and nudity were all part of punishment for the smallest of things .Never did me any harm .

I can't see why nudity should be a punishment, more of a reward. Teaching that naked is punishment is to teach that naked is bad. I'm sorry they taught that.

yes but it had a positive affect on me .I loved being naked and have lived a nudist life style since I was a teenager .I hate clothes and they feel alien to me love being naked comfortable naked and being seen naked .