Where Is My Respect?

So my husband decided while he was away that he didnt want to be with me anymore. The way he ended it was through text. I gave up so much for him. I cant even have respect about something like this. On top of it he forwarded the text to the girl he 'fell for'. I feel so disrespected that it makes me sick.

RabidusDecorus RabidusDecorus
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3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

wow a text massage ...... Suprise me he know how to use aphone... wt ajurk u better of honey ...it is hurt bt u will be ok

Ooooooh I am sorry.<br />
What an insenstive and unfeeling cad!<br />
I thought that having a relationship called off via email was bad enough.<br />
Via text? Bad behaviour

That's not a good feeling at all to be hurt like that.. I have been hurt, so bad until i really felt sick... This too will pass!