I Hate It

i hate feeling this way,and it cuz of him..i want revenge..i want to talk dirty to someone,i want to **** someone,i want to do bad things to someone..everytime i get mad and think about what he did,i just wana cheat cheat cheat..im not the cheating type but i want a dirty conversation with lots of touching and whispering and nasty kinky sex..its just the way i think when i want revenge..and im thinking that way now..i hate it when he lies to me,i havent lied to him about me cheating at all..cuz i havent..but i really want to..ive thought about it a lot..i wana do a ***** show for a man and touch him and caress his **** and chest and shoulders and stomach while he sits in a chair and cant touch me..to a sexy song and make him think that im the sexiest woman..even if it IS a casual encounter..i dont feel comfortable around my own bf to ***** for him..he never takes me seriously,he just smiles like he's getting "lucky" which I HATE..how am i supposed to get in the mood when ur lookin at me like a side dish and thinking you're doing something bad..i wana exchange naughty pics and post naught pics on my profile wo people thinking im a ****..i am tired of being conservative and covered..i wana be a **** for a man and have him spank me and take my nipples into his mouth with a little tug by his teeth..i want men to think im sexy!this isnt an invitation for naughtiness,im just venting my dirty secret of revenge..

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get stuck in , lifes for living get all the boxes ticked off

thanks soo much for the support

Take a peace of paper and write down all good and all bad things. Put as many "+" as you feel this or that thing more or less important. Then calculate all good and all bad "+". And here will be the answer. <br />
In case you want to talk privately... in the bedroom.... we are here and will be happy to help you.

razorbacktom is spot on correct...... You will reap frustration trying to change him... or hope he will change.. he is as good as he will ever be.. never anything more. <br />
Mewold is right... your far to pretty to waste time.. <br />
Wish I would of listened when I was your age... just food for thought.

One more comment, if he's your bf now, it will only get worse and worse. They never get nicer or more considerate if you continue to hang around.

You don't need this type of guy life is too short....Open yourself up, live your life . I have met too many women who have spent too much time with ******** and have caused a thing of beauty to turn a ugly face...... There is lots of verry good people who like nasty girls like you my dear...... If my wife and I could help you we would

Well, if you think you really need that some time. Just call me, I'll volunteer!

yes he he he ;)

Doesn't really sound like a healthy relationship. Think he needs to get his priorities straight

well its not like he's an ******* on purpose..its like he's oblivious to the things he does..he touches me all the time (which i like),he tells me i have a nice body(only when i complain),buys me things(and doesnt complain)..its just that for all those good things that have happened there's always a bad thing to match it..its like he's stupid or something..i dont really like to call him stupid but thats the only term i can think of right now..he repeatedly ***** up on things..i've caught him on craigslist twice and he denies it altho everything matches..im so sick and tired of being a part of the "worrying party"...whenever he does something bad,its like he really truely forgets that its bad..hey,dont cheat on me by talking dirty to another woman..hey,dont post a picture of your **** and invite married women to jump all up on that..im soo ******* pissed right now!i really do believe that all this stress is taking a toll on my body..ive gained weight,my skin is breaking out,i have trouble sleeping..its not that easy to break up with him..ive even threatened to cheat on him!and i even gave him a specific guy friend i would do it with!he got jealous/mad which is what i wanted cuz he deserves it but deep down he has this belief that ill never do it..i dont how to prove that i will

You are much too pretty to waste one second over an ******* like that. Move on. But only do what YOU want to do. Don't let someone take over where he left off. Remember, YOU ARE THE BOSS OF YOU.

I don't think you want/need revenge as much as a decent effing boyfriend! My goodness, woman, what are you doing shortchanging yourself with someone who cheated on you and treats you like spit?! Kick this turd to the curb and make yourself and someone else very happy.

Hey sweetie,<br />
Your just sexy as hell no doubt about it. <br />
Love the pic of you in that prom dress........ you have such an attractive glow about you... <br />
I'm betting your backside is hot as hell!!!!!!!<br />
Your extreemly beautiful.... if your BF is not giving you the attention you deserve.... I'd think about it. <br />
Starve him....... You have what the male mind desires.<br />
The looks, the charm, the smarts, the fun...... if I only could be so lucky!!!

Me me me me! I'll help you! lol<br />
<br />
I guess we all feel that way when we've been wronged