My Dad owns a copy.. print.. whatever.. of this painting... lovely isn't it... this pic just doesn't do it justice...

but what man.. would hang this in their bachelor pad? Few to none is the answer! Just my daddy.. he's a gem dandy.. priceless.. he is well read, takes ballroom dancing.. keeps bees.. and is an avid hunter ...his money making job, labels him an engineer... This man can and does it all.. is well rounded.. even tempered.. and sweet by nature.. to think my mom left him!

He finally started dating again.. and let me tell you.. women were lining up.. guess what.. Mommy wants him back.. all I have to say is.. DUH!

Now I know what your thinking.. oh this is Daddy's little girl.. it's true.. sure he has his issues.. don't you.. don't we all?

My Dad is my friend and confidant.. and I am his.. I don't particularly see him through rose colored glasses.. but his faults are manageable... minor.. compared to what i have lived with... He has listened to me.. heard me at a heart level.. not just the noise level...comforted me with a hug.. and tenderness.. when I was little he would leave mom love notes.. and me too.. mine would always rhyme.. and were silly.. but they were for me..  he would buy my mommy flowers.. and give me one.. One year he bought her a ring.. it was 5 opals in a setting.. and bought me single opal setting..

Let's digress a moment.. to when my parents married.. I wasn't his natural child.. I was three... He had been in our lives since I was 18mo old.. so he's the only man I knew.. and quite naturally became Daddy... He said vows to me at the altar... and slipped a golden band on my wee finger.. and pledged his love and to devotion to me.. for all the days of his life...

You might be asking yourself.. what this has to do with,,,, well... my Dad blames himself.. for his idyllic nature that he infused into me...  love, magic..romance...

I still believe.. and it's OK Dad.. it's a good thing... and I'll find what you taught me to believe in... Love is real...the kind you gave me is the lasting.



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it does sound ideal~

*chuckles*<br />
my dad is my buddy and always has my back.. we ride back and forth to work together.. often have lunch.. and breaks as well... I enjoy my time with him

Indeed, magickaldi. Sorry to hear about your loss. <br />

HI, beautiful story, I lost my dad 2 years ago. It was very crushing to us all. i was my daddy's little girl and I miss him so much. I love him so much. Cherish your dad and let him know how much he means to you. Life is short, say it now.

beautiful story! your dad sounds like a wonderful man. so many people grow up feeling disconnected from their fathers. he treasured you. wonderful :^)

and the world has you... lmao!

the Mom, Marie Barone. Who is exactly like my mom. *Shudder*

hah hah.. would that be Debra or the Mom?

Not too strong of a female influence though. Then you have an "Everybody Loves Raymond" issue

That I have.. two dads.. two grandpas...and 5 loving brothers.. and my own boy.. who adores his momma!

Good. A strong and positive male influence is good for a woman, as is a strong female influence on a man.

My dad...has always reffered to me as the other woman in his life.. <br />
<br />
I have 4 brothers.. by my biological father.. and only one by dad.. and he is.. for lack of a better word... precious.. and my dear friend!

I hope to have that kind of relationship with my daughter if I ever have one. Good insight

I hope your brothers are as much of a gentleman as he.

Thanks ohn.. my dad says I'm an extraordinary woman.. and by the way.. when mommy showed her tail ... he dropped his lady friends for her... not once but twice... she wants her cake and eat it too... ((deepsigh))

Awakening, <br />
<br />
You are fortunate. You have a man who loves you. A man who nurtures you. A man who will do anything for you, and all with heart filled love. It is wonderful to hear a young lady speak so fondly of her Dad.<br />
<br />
I hope he enjoys his dates, and they appreciate what a gem he is. Mom knew all about him. To bad she could not see him for who he is.<br />
<br />
Yes, we all have faults, or perfections some may call them. But that is what makes you who you are, and him who he is, and Mom who she is. Keep that love strong.

I like that painting. : ) I would hang it in my pad.<br />
Thanks for the story.

I went through the same.. when they divorced 6 years ago.. the very same...

Yeah! <br />
To the rest of you .. have you spoke to your dad today?

I am not the type of girl to leave things unsaid... he knows he's priceless to me..

thanks,,, story of my life.. we did have those typical father/daughter arguments...I painted it too pretty probably

Love is real...awesome story... I believe you instill things in our children..I see some thing already in our foster baby...That his mother will have a hard time getting over his routine he has at our home..