Rush Limbaugh's Epic Post Election Meltdown/warning Twisted Content!

Reality just totally baffles them!

Rush Limbaugh's Epic Post Election Meltdown
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I just recalled something. 2 and 1/2 half Years ago in the Spring of 2010. I discovered a much Better Speaker for Political Coverage. Later to find out He was Speaking for the Progressive Party ... Ed Schultz ... The Ed Schultz Show. Here is the Man People should be Listening to. I was trying to look to see if EP had a Group "I Like Ed Schultz or the Ed Schultz Show" But EP doesn't have such a Group here ... (Amazing?) Not sure If I should Create this Group Myself?

Sure, create the group, though I don't know yet how Ed Schultz is, if he's on our side and you say he's good, I would likely join.

Oh how I wish I could wire his jaws shut forever!!!

Yes, me too! Cut out his vocal cords.

Jeezzz! This Guy has been in the Media for a Long Time. When I was beginning my Work at this Golf Course in Sacramento, California in 1984. The Co- employers had their Radio On with Him. During the Reagan years and changing my lack of interest political views. Christianity had some problems when I was trying to understand it with Science. Science was making me realize that the Republicans didn't really have it all there. And when I realize Rush Limbaugh was yapping to my Co- Employers. I got an uneasy feeling about them. I did get Paranoid that I was working with Pretentious Ego Snobbish Bosses and I didn't get along with them too well. I could see them trying to screw with me and my life, but I had no other choices with them and I even felt some of the Republican Attitude's of these employers as my co- workers over me. I grew into the Left and Democrat side from my change, but then there was some conflicts and I even looked for these other parties. Then I realized if I don't get my vote in with the Democrats, even not for the Republicans. The Republicans could get more count. Getting a Democrat more count is still a must under these conditions. Yet? How this Guy is still in the Media now? Just don't get it? 28 or 30 years now isn't it? Sorry, but I could not watch these youtubes, cause my computer will not play them. I just know Rush Limbaugh for so long. Yeak!