Being a Selfless Servant

I see a problem with the popular political news media.  Our commentators earn their living from their words, so it is impossible to prove that their words and ideas will not be wholey selfserving.  For instance, when candidate Obama was behind in the polls, commentator Kathleen Parker shouted from the rooftops that he was friends with a domestic terrorist; but, she wrote that John McCain should ask Sarah Palin to resign after Obama started looking like the winner.  This is a matter of inconsistancy due to changing political tides.  Sarah Palin was the only candidate saying exactly what Kathleen Parker had been shouting from the rooftops, yet when the chips were down, suddenly she wanted to distance herself from the negative campaign tactics that were causing McCain to lose.  She did this because she wanted to continue to be respected as a commentator after the election, not because she believed in clean politics, but because she wanted to keep her income.

I see only one way to increase the selflessness of political commentators.  They must have no more financial stake in the politics they speak of, than does the average citizen with an income from work other than political writing.  This must include financial investments and business with large incomes that are heavily dependent on government laws and protections.  Outside of profit, the other ignoble incentive to engage in political commentation, is fame; therefore, political commentators should be anonymous.  But how do we know if an anonymous person is not making money from their commentating?  We don't, but without knowing who they are, we are forced to address their words, not their person.  Also, if they try to sell anything under their assumed identity, you can still see their motive.

This is the purpose of our group.  To invent a model government that encourages selfless political and bureaucratic service.  Why are we qualified?  Because we are not going to profit from this discussion.  The act however, does promote free thinking and could inspire some or even many people to find ways of eliminating the causes of Self Serving Government.  I will be posting regularly my ideas.  I am only looking for responses.  I do not plan to address anyone in particular, because I am not interested in debating.  I will, however, admit when I believe I have been wrong.  That is another benefit of anonymous commentating.

Happy Thinking!

TheSelflessServant TheSelflessServant
Apr 26, 2009