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What About The 10 Amendments????


All this argueing about the 10 commandments on Government buildings.

In my opinion of the 10 commandments only 5 of them are relivant to the arguement of them being the basis for american law.

Guess what...... american law has it's roots in more that just the 10 commandments anyway.

My answer, take down the 10 commandments and put in their place the 10 AMENDMENTS. we KNOW that is absolutly relavent to american law. We know that the amendments come from our forfathers. regardless of what belief system our forfathers had.

If we had the 10 amendments proudly displayed PEOPLE MIGHT ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY SAY!!!!

Lets just have American law without the religious distraction getting in the way!


CheekyGeek CheekyGeek 41-45 8 Responses Mar 21, 2010

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<p>Good suggestion. Heinlein once observed that 6 of the 10 Commandments translate as "Do what you are told." In contrast, most of the 10 Amendments mean You are free to do what you want. </p><p>The founders of the US had witnessed a very bloody war between Catholics and Protestants. G Washington had leaned to be a military officer in that war. Christian in those days was not just Christian. It was this Christian or that Christian and those were arguments men fought and died over. Our American founders wanted no part of wars over this religion or that religion.</p>

Then have no oaths

NO RELIGION... ONLY SOUND MERIT AND INTEGRITY... I hear applause across NATIONS !!!<br />
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CheekyBABY such the HamHam bowing with SLY SMILE and IMPRESSIVE curtsy for FINALE!!<br />
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Exactly why not proudly display the words our for-fathers ACTUALLY said regarding what they intended for our nation. The 10 amendments are FAR more relevant in that regard then any religious document. <br />
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As well if the bill of rights was displayed more often more people might read them and know what they say and STOP misquoting them and twisting their meaning.

Indeed!!! This is one of my pet that I'm willing to get on my soapbox for. This country was NOT founded on Christian ideals , but on the idea of insuring religious freedom to all. This includes the right to worship as you see fit, or not to worship at all. While many of the commandments are relevant, they are NOT the law. Religious freedom is.<br />
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Great post....thank you!!!

I agree. The fact is that our Founders had the foresight and understanding that religious freedom was critical to American life. They were well versed enough in human history to understand that imposing one kind of religious dogma on the populace created war. They would have been keenly aware of the English Civil War and the Puritan defection to realize that religious diversity was necessary to keep peace. To place the ten commandments in public places negates other religious beliefs and creates friction that will lead to conflict. This is why the Founders kept the original Bill of Rights slightly vague and fluid. Even within the Christian religion, there are thousands of sects that have their own interpretation of religious doctrine. The question then becomes, who's Christianity prevails? This is up and beyond the other belief systems that deserve legal recognition as well. To prevent the kinds of conflicts that have dominated human history, it is necessary to maintain this crucial separation.

I think it might make too much sense to EVER happen Miss Giggles.

YEAH! I agree :)