The Cincinnati Sucker

I believe this episode takes place in 1980.

Our crew had finished a job in Kentucky and things were slow so we had no immediate place to go.A friend on the crew invited me to come to his parents place in Cincinnati.Figuring what the hell I accepted his invitation.The plan was to file for unemployment and collect our vacation pay while staying rent free.

We got to his parents place one afternoon and his Mom set us up with a room in the basement.A very nice lady she told me to just make myself at home and relax after working so hard.At supper that night my buddy's father said he was glad to meet someone his son worked with and to stay as long as I liked.Thinking I had a nice setup I decided I needed to be on my best behavior.After supper I offered to do the dishes but was told you are here for a rest go on and relax.My buddy and I were watching tv and about 8:30 he said to me hey let's go to Fast Eddie's.I used to hang there and it's a good bar.

Going in my buddy saw a couple of guys he knew and introductions were made.We ordered some beer and were all talking.One of the guys said hey let's throw some darts.In the middle of the game two ladies came over and asked if they could play the winners.My buddy won the game for us and his friends had to leave so we invited the ladies to play.

Linda was a nice looking lady about 30 or so and her friend Sharon was older about 45.They were both divorced and neighbors and my radar detected something more than a game of darts later that evening.We had a few drinks and were sitting talking when Sharon whispered in my ear,would you like to come home with me baby?I turned and looked at her,I thought not bad for a gal her age and said sure.It was arranged for my buddy to take Linda home and I would go with Sharon.We left my buddy and Linda at the bar and went out.We didn't even get to the car and Sharon was groping my ****.Once in the car she unzipped my pants and pulled my **** out.Uuuuuuhhhhh she said and pulled into the street.She was driving with one hand and playing with my **** with the other.Fortunately it only took five minutes to get to her place.Opening the door she threw her purse and keys down pushed me on to the couch and dropping to her knees began sucking my ****.Holy ****!She moaned and slurped sliding up and down sucking my entire **** into her mouth.It took me about two minutes and I was ready.My whole body tensed and Sharon feeling this swallowed my *****.Holding the back of her head I shot my load.Gulping,gurgling,moaning and still sucking she ate it.Making sure she had gotten it all she licked the head of my **** with a satisfied sigh.She sat up next to me on the couch.Delicious honey she said.We talked a little her telling me she was 47 and had been divorced six years.Her ex thought she was a ***** thought she hated sex.And you know what I do.I don't like to **** very often but I could suck a dozen dicks a day.We had a snack and Sharon kept her eyes on my peter looking for signs of rejuvenation.I went into the bathroom and when I came out Sharon called to me from the bedroom.Come in here baby and lay down.Grabbing my **** she began jacking it.My **** growing again was back in her mouth.My **** spent the next half hour being licked,sucked kissed,jacked and completely blown.When my ***** erupted and shot out Sharon drank it like it came from a garden hose.

For the next three weeks while I was in Cincinnati I would go to Sharon's every night after supper and feed her my ****.I never once ****** her or even licked her *****.All she wanted was to suck me off as many times as she could.When we got the call to go to a new job I really didn't want to go as you can imagine but my **** sure needed the rest and we were gone.        

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4 Responses Jan 30, 2007

I agree with crystal......LMAO I sure know where we could go have fun tho......

I'm not sure the woman thought she WAS having sex. I think she got confused and thought it was dinnertime! LOL

This woman wanted to GIVE all the pleasure with NO reciprocation?? I say she has a mental or emotional issue!! You were probably lucky to get a job transfer when you did, reguardless of what your pleasured penis thought!!