Have ***** Will Travel

I think about sex constantly.I see a woman and I can usually find something about her that makes me want to **** her.I watch a movie or tv show and there will always be a hot chick I want.If I am in the mens room and see a nice **** I want that too.There is just nothing I like more than sex.
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51-55, M
5 Responses Sep 8, 2006

i love to **** and can do it all day if he can stay that long

I think i understand. I am female though. Sometimes, it doesnt matter how attractive a man is, i will find something about him that will make me want to **** him. And, of course its a lot harder for women, b/c we are ***** if we do that. Does not matter anyway, b/c i am engaged. But, i still think about it all the time, 24/7. i never stop thinking about sex, and my fiance is not as sexually driven as i am, so i am always unsatisfied. He's perfect in every other way. He's got a great ****, knows how to use it, but jesus, i wish he would talk dirty to me or at least say something. Its like he's mute. He's doesnt even seem like he's enjoying it. Most men i have ****** are like going nutz. No, he's not gay at all. He told me he just doesnt have a sex drive anymore...? He's not depressed either, no drugs. I dont know. He's only 34. He's ok with sex once every 2 weeks.

are you bi or just so horny that you don't care about male or female?? looks like you would even take a sheep home lol

I feel your...um..'pain' anyway I work at a construction site with about 50 half naked labourours ( they have shirts off on hot days..love those hot days) and I want to..anyway time for bed...LOL .. I dont mix work with pleasure...but oh I love those sunny days... so thinking is good..yes