Passionate Kissies

his lips carseing my body and his voice arose me with in and then will say jamie i love you passionnate kisses and i will love you for ever and nothing come between us then his mounth comes to my nipples and sucks them gently and i was sow aroused sexually and he will light some candles and play romatic music and the bed whrere we made love in with me full of rose
petless and their just be me and hem just the two of us and while he is makeng love to me i will
sream out in pleshure joshusha and then he say jamie i love you my niplles will be hard and i be
makeing hem feel as good as i felt passionate kisses and then he would be realy gently as he
enter me witn love and conpassionte and sow he would be in me and i would be his girl friend

and we would have sex till the sun rosed in the sky just me and hem i would see how munch he
loved me by the look in his blue eyes looking down at me and he say your a vurgin and i would
say yes then i would start bleding as my hymen tore blood on the white sheets of the honey sutie
and he will say jamie lets culdle and have coco near the fire places whrere we hade our frist kisses and then joshushua will be listeing to me talk about my day and say i love you and then
i would say i love you to and they would be my frist miss perriod and i will be pregant with our frist

child and she will be named alex and we would be married and leave in a realy nice house just
me my husband and alex.

barribi barribi
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013