I Want Sex Now!

I'm a 19 year old male looking for sex with no strings attached. I'm really open to anything; domination/submissive or straight/gay sex.

My ideal situation would probably be straight dominated sex. I would love to have a girl that is loyal and willing to do whatever I want to do. Wanting to suck my **** and willing to please me in anyway and stopping at nothing to reach that goal, whatever I wish shall happen. But at the same time, I also like having a girl that wants to dominate me and not afraid to boss me around. You want to take your ***** and **** my face with it, rubbing it all over the place and making my face a playground for your *****. My face will be soaking wet with your *** by the end. To finish me off she will take a ***** and just shove it up my *** and not stop until i beg her to let me ***.

It would also be awesome to have a crossdresser at my disposal. One that is submissive and willing to be my slave; wanting to suck my ****, rim me, lick my balls, and just please me in every way possible. They dont care about their own ****, only mine. I would also love to dominated by a crossdresser. Just boss me around with their **** and shove it down my throat until I cant breath anymore. Then take it out and shove it in my ******* and **** me until I beg for their ***.

As you can see, I am really open to any kind of sex possible. Honestly, just message me about what you're open to and I will most likely want to do it just as much, if not more than you; I dare you!!! Literally anything, im waiting and want you so bad baby ;)
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18-21, M
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Not to sound pushy,but a guy can do you every bit as good,and probably even BETTER than a woman. True,you won't get ***** juice all over your face,but you'll find that a guy's cream is thicker and will cling on you longer. And as far as getting your *** ******,there,s just no chance that a man's **** will come un-snapped just when it's most needed! Think seriously about all of that before you pursue your "dream date" further.