Sorry To Be So Blunt...

...but surely it is my turn now! Oh, I can LAID almost anytime but don't go after it THAT way. No, I would like real good shared sensual closeness and touching. With someone Special. And Special can be defined in MANY ways. But you know, I want to CARE about what I am doing so that I will REALLY get into. Make  someone else very happy...that makes me happy.
  Need some warm flesh against mine. It gets harder to find the Special these days.....HELP!  :)
Sudbury Sudbury
46-50, M
3 Responses May 27, 2010

I feel ya. I'm sorta looking for that special one, but then again I like living alone, for now.

Thanks folks...I'll be here till Not in any dire straights about it all...just would be nice.

It's tough to find what you need Sudbury ... I wish you luck.