The Need In Me.


i do desire to have sex with men, not all men, but some men.

i want to choose who, of course. Not just with everyone that walks through the door.

i like their bodies. i like their p*nis'. i do enjoy their company.

When someone is attracted to someone of the opposite sex, i realize that for some reason that attraction usually ends up translated into an acceptance of their whole person. Not just certain parts of them.

And when that attraction is strong enough you want to have sex with that person.

The human parts of our bodies go together so nicely and so well that the physical act of sex with a man can be very very pleasureable.

i guess i have a lot of sexual desire stored up and i do want to release it. Hopefull i can find the right partners, the right men to explore and please and be pleased.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
6 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Me too!

I love your story

it is sooooo wounderfull pleasing guys ..... so so .....bliss.... full.....mmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!

Yes, pleasing a man is a worthwhile endeavor!

you get to the point enjoy and give enjoyment,its the best way

I'm the same i done have sex with any man or women but if i get tunnel vision and my focus is on that then any man or woman will do. Like if i see a man and i sudden think '****' and then i think of it and he could be lucky or i might be lucky, likewise woman if i think '*******' then same story.