The Party, Robert, And How I Feel Today!

The iPod system was blowing all our minds as we sat listened to the music as our own thoughts, in unison, a choir not uttering a word, acting as some kind of amplification of motion where the sound surrounded us.

I was lounging with Robert (who was our host) who was playing with the net of my stockings, and there were all sorts of things happening around us, some couples playing, some singles getting heavy together. Robert was getting me hot, and I was wet. I was wearing a short EMO dress, blue lace black cotton, stays and all that ribbing. I had on large hole net stockings, but I wasn't wearing anything else. No lingerie. Robert soon found out!

When my glass of wine ran out, Robert grabbed the first person who walked past and got them to get me another. The guy came back with a bottle! Robert didn't want to separate from me, or give up his seat, for one minute! Instead, he was exploring more with my stockings, and the flesh above. It was at this point he found I wasn't wearing panties!

The petting got very intense, and he teased my clitoris so I was climbing off the sofa, but he didn't go on to the next level with me! I wondered why, at the time, but he kept on with the petting. I was having ****** after ******, with just what he did with his fingertips.

Later, when I was talking with Marguerite at her house, she said he probably wasn't sure if I wanted to go further (despite my body saying otherwise!). The idea surprised me. I feel a little bemused....
Anuledroan Anuledroan
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4 Responses Jan 7, 2013

sounds so sexy

It sounds so beautiful with him making you ***. He should have gone down on you and you should have felt his ****. Next time, don't hold back. x

And tell us why when he was making you feel good that you did not reach down into his shorts to reciprocate?

I didn't! That would have definately led to a good *******!

Prolly wasnt the right place or the right time. Im sure you will get another oppertunity to take it to the next level.