Bad Kitty

Right as I was experiencing the end result of a masturbatory adventure, my cat deftly reached around my head and batted me in my left eye, which was open, unfortunately. Needless to say, the ****** was ruined and I went to bed feeling unsatisfied and a little resentful of my feline companion. Thanks, Yeti...
JanusOperative JanusOperative
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4 Responses Jul 24, 2007

hahahaha, I feel like that would be on Seinfeld if it was x-rated

I only pet the one kitty. I'm a guy and I was all alone...Or so I thought before my cat sucker punched me. And.........ew.......glad that puppy wasn't mine.

LOL!!! well it could have been worse... one of my neighbors was lying in bed asleep and woke up to a rather pleasent sensation... he thought it was his wife... but it was the puppy under the sheets.....LOL

ROFL! I wasn't expecting a true, 4 legged kitty in this story! You got me there! But hey, count your blessings! You got to pet TWO kitties that night! ;)