so i was home alone - playing with myself- an there's a knock at the door. i throw a long top over my naked body and answer the door. its my older - sexy - nextdoor neighbour. he's sexy and hot. his eyes take in my long naked legs and the tight clingly top ;) i invited him in and we had an amazing afternoon.. naughty, steamy, sexy and passionate
Lornaa Lornaa
22-25, F
7 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Nice. You can move in next to me

Wish I loved next door

Wish I was your neighbor.

I once met a lady under almost identical circumstances. We were in her bed in about 1/2 hour after we met. For several years we had a standing sexual encounter date on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings. It might have gone on forever, except that one of her children figured out how to steal from me while I was per-occupied with her mother......

Damn that's hot and nice for the guy

Mmmmmm... good girl

Great story . add me please. :)