Maybe Some Day

I'll wait in the middle of a room, either full of items and toys to use on me, maybe not to suprise me... somebody walks in, male, female, both, a group, idk. Somebody walks up to me and forces me to the ground some how. Grabs a rope and ties me cown to where I can barely move and very time. Blind folds me so I can't see what's happening and gags me so I can't make any noise. Throughout this session I am ******, in my *** or mouth by many men, made to give oral to many women, each of them punch, kick, whip, and do what they please for their pleasure and my pain. Just use me as a **** toy and as an item fo beat. Use toys of any kind, any size, tension on me. Make me hurt. Then leave me, abandon me to suffer, come back and **** my mouth and feed me your *** or **** my *** and just leave me there until you feel I have had enough.
rsunour1 rsunour1
22-25, T
Sep 17, 2012