Who Wants A Sexy Dare

This one for females only, follow these steps

1) Shave or wax yourself with a Hollywood /Brazilian
2) Dress in a short (ie above the knee) skirt, nude legs, no knickers (or panties if you're in the USA) and a tee shirt.
3) Go shopping, while your out, ride on escalators, try on shoes to give unsuspecting fellow shoppers a chance of seeing your shaven haven
4) Go into a dept store changing room, ***** off naked and use your camera phone to take a picture of yourself.
5) Put the picture on experience project - if you dare :)
farsleyshibari farsleyshibari
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

This sounds hot, but I don't own any more skirts :[ Still, maybe going braless in something low cut might work... but I feel too droopy to enjoy it, hahaha!