I Know You're Out There

My wife is a shared wife, but it is completely at her discretion.  She has her own seperate set of activities where she considers possible candidates.  The best I can figure out she is in the minority.  Most men who hang out here WANT to share their wife and the wife has no interest. I know some men who after many years of trying finally talked their wife in to being shared and then when it was all set up, HE backed out.  And I guess this is different from swinging because it usually results in a mfm *********, not swapping.  So my question is what women out there are being shared and like it??

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my husband loves to share me with stranges and has on occasion and I find it very exciting how bad he wants to see another man enter me for the first time. I love how exicited it makes him . I dont have the erge to do it myself but just love all the dirty things he makes me do .

You seem to have it figured out iam33801, sounds like myself in my younger days. I had forgotten how many wanted oral sex because their husband wouldn't do it. Good point

I meet married women all the time for sex and I tell them up front I would like to share them with other guys and without hesitation they agree to it. 90% want some romance, they want to be held and kissed and seduced which they don't get at home or in some cases have never experienced. In many cases she wants to receive oral sex because hubby won't do it or has never done it for her. I don't have to be in love with a lady to care about her, ladies have a way of sensing how you feel about them, maybe how they are touched, maybe how you give them oral sex and the desire to see that they are pleasured. I learned many years ago to never leave her after I ***, stay with her, if possible spoon with her, touch her all over, kiss her back, her neck and ear, she gets the sense of you care how she feels and also she feels desirable after sex which soon turns to more sex with her and much hotter sex. For the most part, women are very giving and if treated right will do whatever it takes to pleasure a man.

Update - they didn't respond here, but in my dealings on ep I have found a fairly large number of women who think having sexual relations outside of marriage (with and without the husbands approval) is just fine. Free love seems to be alive and well

I liked this story. I am also of the view that urge for sex should not be suppressed. If I want to have sex with some other guy, my husband must allow me in a friendly manner.