My **** Is Smaller Now

My wife told me my **** has shrunken. Man that turned me on, then she put a butt plug up my *** and ****** me until I came. She made me drink it. I loved it. I'm scared now, what if she tells someone I liked it. She took pictures. I want more though.
drl1953 drl1953
56-60, M
4 Responses Aug 1, 2010

Tell her and just might get more! And if the photos go to others it will mean more work from you!

could she be looking for a real man with a real ****?

probably, last time we tried to ****, the rubber slipped off. she said she needed a real ****. how did you know?

I don't understand why you would worry about your wife sharing bedroom secrets. If she tells and the person is offended, then you didn't need them for a friend anyway.

I'm jealous