********* With My Girlfriend And Her Size-queen Colleague

I have made a couple of posts in regards to the possibilty of such a 3some actually coming to fruition. Unfortunately the other woman in the frame is only interested in my gf and not me and my small ****. Even though she had conceded to hook up with us last weekend it was with the proviso that I didnt actually **** her. (She really has no interest in tiny dicks) However there was still the thrill of second hand SPH and of course watching her and Heather getting it on together (and who knows what may actually go on when things heat up)
  Anyway she bailed out of it at the last moment and we believed it was probably totally off the cards now. My girlfriend sent me an e-mail earlier today saying that it may be back on again but upgraded to a foursome as the other woman has found another guy to join the party. (I suspect he must have a big **** or he probably would not have been up to her standards) I replied to Heather that she should arrange a meeting and we can perhaps organise something if it all goes well.
   If anything the prospect of a well-hung guy joining in along with a hardcore size-queen ticks a lot of boxes for me and of course there is a bonus for Heather as well. I wont hold my breath though because this woman has dangled a carrot a couple of times then snatched it away.
litlebigman2 litlebigman2
51-55, M
May 13, 2012