Snow = Woohoo

I love it when it snows because everyone seems so happy. I think that's because it's an excuse to not go to work since you can't get anywhere hehe. I also like wrapping up with jumpers and a scarf and gloves because it's so cozy. Every time it snows it makes everything so perfect and beautiful, like a fresh, new beginning.

My snowman is the only reminder of the snow last week. He was so big and tall with a funny little face and now he's just a stump.

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7 Responses Feb 16, 2009

It's quite rare where I live too. That's why when it snowed recently, there was an atmosphere of amazment. I wish it would snow again. I need a rest from this school business.

mzdevine - I hope you get rain soon; the plants must be dying for some. I love the rain too. Just watching and listening to it. I even don't mind getting wet in it as long as it's not too cold.<br />
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Ginaconvair - I'll take some of that snow please :)<br />
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Madmanmo - It's been so cold here for so long that I can't even remember what it's like to have hot weather like that! Hey, I don't mind a snowball fight. <br />
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Thank you for the comments guys.

I saw your story and just had to comment, I live in the deep south (almost as far as you can go) and today it was 78 degrees. When I ran my mouse over your avatar, I see you are a (I'm sure) nice young lady and it prevents me from doing what my origanal intent was and that was to send you a gesture and throw a snowball at you so please consider it done! Remember to wish upon a star!

We have plenty of snow here, I'm already tired of it! I hope, spring is comming soon!

We would really like some rain! Haven't had any for months!

Aww man. All the hard work...gone :( I used to want my snowmen to become real and take me away like in the movie The Snowman.

I agree on your views. And warm winter clothes are so cozy yeah :) I have a melting snowman outside as well. It's such a shame :(