I’ve Always Had A Hard Spot For My Sister-in-law

I’ve always had a hard spot for my sister-in-law, she’s petit blond and perfectly formed!
I met her a few years ago just after I met my wife, we all went in to town for the night, eat, drank and eventually got a lil drunke. On the way home she told me she was really glad I was going out with ------, my wife, so we could hang out, with that she reached over and gave my *** a long squeeze. I wanted to shove her hand down the front of my jeans so she could cares my stiffening ****, Well ever since then I’ve had the horn for her!
She’s off on a family holiday to the Caribbean in a few weeks, so for the last couple of months she’s been going to the gym loads.
The result of all this is the tightest tiny *** you have ever seen, when she stands still for a moment, you can see right between her ripped little thighs. Just the sight or thought of her makes my ample **** throb and ache for her tight pink holes, I can’t get the image of me bending her over, and liking that tight little *** hole and tiny pink little ***** out of my mind, I desperately want to hear her moan with pleasure. I’ve always wanted to **** her but now she’s driving my insane!
The one time we had together, I mean without any prying ears, she slagged off her husband, giving me the impression she wasn’t very happy, whilst shooting me those big baby brown eyes,  I can’t think of her without wanking off furiously, I’m going to go on facebook right now and finish myself off, what should I do?
harderon harderon
May 16, 2012