The Real Me

I had some really good friends where i use to live but when i talk to them on the phone.I find myself acting like someone else and when i think about it i ues to act the some way when.I use to be around them i feel like i can't be who i really am when i'm around them.I just think they will not like me if i show them who i really am they will not talk to me any more.And iknow this for a fact because they did it to one of our friends before.She was in one of our schools cluds i don't know what it was called but anyway my friends didn't like anybody who was any kind of clud.They sayed that kind of stuff is for kids that don't have a life and when they find out that she was in one of those clubs.They never talked to her again they act like they never was friends with her when she try's to talk to them they would just walk the other way.I feel real sorry for her but not really she should feel sorry for me i'm the one who's still talking to them.I think i acted like someone esle around them because i didn't want them to do what they did to her to me.I know that sounds stupied but it's true so i just think i should stop talking to them and start being the real me and find some friends who will like me for me.So i think i should start here first on experience project and get some friends here first then when school opens back up i can get some friends in real life.:)
Fireinhereyes Fireinhereyes
18-21, F
Aug 3, 2007