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I wish I had some guy friends that were willing to have like an open relationship with me, keeping on the down low, and not let feelings or *******-ness come over them. Friends with benefits I suppose it is called. I don't know if I'd be able to find someone that will still be honest and trustworthy as a friend afterwards though. With my luck, I'd pursue the biggest ******* and wake up to have everyone knowing my dirty little secrets like it's written on my forehead.


**** it, right?

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Very valid concerns. <br />
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I have seen the puppet or "property" mentality occur at all ages. I think many loose the perspective that their bf/Significant other is a person with their own life desires and goals. Sharing goals, for even a small part of the other person's life, is what we try for. Hopefully not to control another person.

I mean, I am attracted to guys that are slightly older than me, but not old enough to be my parent. I do agree that a mature guy would be best, but I want him to explore and enjoy with me. Plus, with much older guys, I'd just become their sex puppet that they'd forget about or mistreat.

Would you like it to be someone your age, or older? Sometimes the maturity can help smooth out things and they guy knows better what he wants as you get to explore and enjoy.