Big Brother

Sometimes it's nice to be valued or well thought of by a guy. I have a guy friend of mine who came over while I was having a difficult time in my relationship and he just knew what to say. How to put things. Sometimes guys' are just so straight up and honest. The real gems are the ones that are sensitive and they care so much. They tell you hey this is not what a guy is about. This is unacceptable. They tell you when you shouldn't be believing things that simply don't make sense. Like a brother watching over you. I know for me I don't have any brothers or sisters. So when there is a guy that really is concerned it helps me to realize it's not just a woman thing.
WeepinWillow WeepinWillow
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 5, 2011

i've had guy friends over the years but, for some reason, my friendships with them didn't stand the test of time, didn't endure. good for a limited time only.