I Prefer Females As Friends, But Would Like One Good Bud

Normally I prefer women to make friends with; they're more sensitive, understanding, thoughtful and caring.

But this creates something of a complication... feelings sometimes get in the mix, making the friend sometimes a little bit more. Then, things get awkward and you've got to take a few steps back. And if it hasn't ruined the friendship, it's just likely to happen again (at least if you're both signal or unhappy with your partners).

So to have a guy buddy... one who was more of a sensitive kinda guy like me (not the stereotypical brutish kind of man) would be pretty sweet.
MisterWho MisterWho
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2 Responses Apr 19, 2012

I'm a complex sensitive guy! Just sayin'.

Aren't us girls amazing:) haha<br />
But ya it can be strange to get feelings mixed up....