I've Never Had a Male Friend

I've always found it strange that I have no male friends. I think a lot more like men than women and usually have not much in common with other women. I'm not your typical girl and in fact I don't really understand them. But I have and have never had any male friends. I think it would be great to have some as I find men a lot easier going than women. Men never want to be my friend though, they always want something more. I guess I could never be just a friend.

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I guess there's just no way out of it palpal, I'm doomed! : )

I think it's great that you found a great love, snookybear. It's not an easy thing to do, especially to find someone your so compatible with.

I hope that my previous response made sense. I do not worry about my wife going and "*******" people. We satisfy each others needs, wants, and desires. If one of us wants to try a new position or even "roleplay" we talk about it and try it(with each other). We do not want to be with other people, we have finally found the love that each of us were searching for our entire lives.<br />
Now that we have finally discovered each other and are to be married soon. We are happy as 2 mature adults can be with one another. If certain in laws would not tell us "you dont have sex after 40", what are you two doing on the internet all the time; are you looking for other people to have that old sex with"?<br />
I think my mother in law wants to move in with us and tell us what to do and watch us try to make love.

I am a man and I can just be a friend. Since I have met my wife I finally know that we trust each other , unlike previous relationships we each have had.

I would imagine it's hard to have male friends if your gay, and I would imagine the straight one might get a bit funny about it.

Well funnily enough, I'm searching for much the same thing. I need some male friends (I'm in a lonely patch where I lost a few), but since I'm gay I run into some of the same problems befriending men that you do. So that's probably why I rambled about it: it's been a lot on my mind. lol But there's a lot positive to having friends of the opposite gender. They bring something different to the table, and it's really worth the effort. Even if most people don't see it that way. =)

No I don't have any pictures on here, must have been in your imagination. : )

Lol, no problem BobbyL. Surely there must be some women guys aren't attracted to though, and then can't you just be friends?

Anardun: I would love to have a gay male friend. I've always though they would make great friends.

Well not to feed a stereotype, but you might try befriending some gay men. At least they won't be seeing you as a sexual opportunity. And sometimes that wild card of attraction can make people put more distance on potential friendships with the gender they are attracted to. Which often is what's behind the whole "you can't be friends with such-and-such gender because it'll always turn into sex eventually" mindset that a lot of people believe. But gay men often get around that hurdle with befriending women, because they aren't attracted to women. So women become the "neutral gender" for them. Which makers it less of a big deal to become friends. And also means they often have more practice, better social skills with women, more comfortable, etc. <br />
<br />
A lot of straight men would rather avoid women (because it's easier) unless they have good motivation to hazard through building a relationship with one (ex: like falling in love). So there's a lot of men who won't be friends with women, because they're pathetic at it, and not because of anything personal. I kind of just rambled a whole bunch of thoughts on this topic. Lol. Hope you don't mind.

Every man is different, each an interesting new subject.

FSG: I know what you mean and I do think that is a major factor. However in my normal life I don't tell people that, so they would only know that I am married. If I'm interested in someone that way then of course I'd let them know and I wouldn't want them to be friends anyway. Other guys though I don't give them any kind of indication that I would want sex with them. Also surely guys realize even if I have an open relationship it doesn't mean I'm going to sleep with them.

Thanks Olayemi.

Thanks Mikka!

when all left you..your friends are still be there..i connect much easier to women..without sexiest brainfuck....sorry..it is the two sides in us/ i guess..and the moments of connections...ok ..i have long term male friends..but also girls who are my friends/a bit like sisters for over 30years..so maybe its the approach/mechanism..of you/rejection to be a woman?like all the others..(whats?).normal?men do not understand women~do not understand men..part true..part bull.same.same but different...my view of friend is not a lover..this could develop....bothways. hope u find chaps for a cool hang out!!!good luck

Yeah I guess so. It's nice to just have someone to hang out with sometimes though. Lovers are easy to get, friends are really difficult.

Most men would rather be a lover than a friend.